BuWizz fast car Competition 



1. Build a fast car, with suspension, able to jump, negotiate some obstacles,…

2. Must use ONE BuWizz brick

3. Must use LEGO motors, maximum: 4x M OR 3x L OR 2x XL OR 1x RC/Buggy

– 1x servo motor can be used for steering

– No non-LEGO parts allowed (except 1x BuWizz)

4. The car must jump from a vertical height of at least 10 cm (i.e. jump off a sidewalk)

5. The car must be normally driveable after the jump, nothing can fall off.

6. Record a video of your car doing the jump + still photos/videos of a stationary car

7. Video must be new (i.e. not published yet on the internet), can be shot indoors or outdoors

8. With submitting the video you grant us permission to put the video on our YT channel and use it for promotional purposes

9. Evaluation / winner selection points

– model visuals/looks (25% points)

– length of jump (25% points)

– how suspension dampens the shock after the jump – slow motion video (25% points)

– quality of video (25% points)

– minus points, if something falls off after the jump (-10% points)

13. Evaluation / winner selection procedure:

– videos will be published on BuWizz site/YT channel

– public voting; 10 best videos enter the final part of the competition

– winner selection through 3 person jury

14.The updated dates:

April 20 23:59 PST: Video submission deadline (you can submit more than once, the last video submitted will be taken into account)

April 21 to May 10: Public voting for the best videos

May 19: Winners will be announced (selected by jury)

15. Jurors are: Jim van Gulik, Zerobirckskbalage

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