Remote control for LEGO


LEGO Remote control and Battery
All in ONE Brick. 

Best remote control and battery for your LEGO models.
BuWizz is more powerful than other solutions on the market.

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Get the fastest Brick and have MORE FUN with your LEGO creations.
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Why we developed BuWizz?
First, there was the idea. We wanted more from our LEGO remote control and battery. As engineers and LEGO fans, we knew we could get more from LEGO Power Functions motors. We wanted to create a simple yet powerful solution. We wanted to take our LEGO models outdoors and give them enough power to climb real obstacles and defeat rough terrain – grass, gravel, etc.
Then we started working on the first prototype of BuWizz. We not only succeeded in integrating battery and remote control in one compact brick, but we also made it more powerful than anything available on the market. Thus BuWizz, the most powerful Brick around was born.

BuWizz Brick + iOS & Android App

BuWizz = Brick + App

BuWizz is a simple, elegant and compact solution that packs a hefty punch. The LEGO Power Functions motors compatible brick comes alive with smartphone app (available on both iOS and Android platforms).
Suitable for kids or Professionals. 


can also be used for:

LEGO Trains

Lego trains Remote control

LEGO Technic

Lego technic Remote control

LEGO Power Functions

Lego power functions remote control

Comparison between LEGO and BuWizz


Why we made BuWizz in the first place?

LEGO Battery and remote


  • Good design
  • Original LEGO


  • separate hardware – 2x IR receivers + battery (+ 2x remote controller)
  • Larger size
  • Low performance
  • Low range
  • Does not work behind obstacle, in the sun,…
  • Expensive  needs special charger (LEGO Li-Ion battery)
  • 12x replacement batteries needed (2x LEGO IR remote + battery box)

BuWizz Battery and remote


  • 50% more power per channel
  • Awesome performance in compact package
  • Responsive  precise controls
  • Great range (up to 50 m)
  • Embedded Li-Ion battery with easy Micro-USB charging
  • Works in the sun, behind obstacles,…
  • More than 4 channels – several 4 channel BuWizz bricks can be controlled in parallel


  • Not original LEGO
  • Smartphone (or tablet) needed

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Straight forward and intuitive design. Easy to learn and fun.
Straight forward and intuitive design. Easy to learn and fun.


Easy and responsive makes controling so much more fun.


Why LEGO Technic fans love BuWizz?



The unique feature of the BuWizz is as "Fast" mode, which provides a voltage that is higher than any LEGO-battery-based solution. It makes a noticeable difference in motor's performance.


Prolific LEGO Technic builder

The interface is simple and easy to understand and to connect. The default profiles are easy to use and the Buwizz responds very good to action on the phone. Plus a fast mode for the motor which enable 11V on it (no damage for the motor).

Therefore, I really encourage you to buy one, this is way better than sbrick. Despite the price, you have the equivalent of a working sbrick with a lipo battery which can be charger by a simple usb type B. So not too much money comparing to lego PFS solutions.


Prolific Lego Technic Designer, Nico71's Creations

In principle this means Anto’s Citroen could drift, if only LEGO motors had a bit more power…

With the addition of a third-party BuWizz bluetooth battery brick however, they do. A lot more. The BuWizz system delivers up to eight times more power than normal to the LEGO motors, and that is easily enough to spin the rear wheels on a not just a hardwood floor, but pretty much anything.

The Lego car Blog

The BuWizz is smaller and lighter than the Battery Box and delivers more power for longer. Perhaps the best feature is that the BuWizz has a high-power mode that delivers twice the power to the motors, enabling the motors to handle high loads from large builds or driving outdoors. Finally, you can drive your Lego vehicles on the grass or up slight inclines without having to worry if the motors can take it.

Avery Thompson

Popular Mechanics


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