1x BuWizz 2.0 LUDICROUS

Бесплатная экспресс-доставка

BuWizz раскрывает полный потенциал двигателей LEGO® и получает от него в 2 раза больше энергии.
Теперь ваши творения могут двигаться быстрее и легче.

  • 2x БОЛЬШЕ МОЩНОСТИ – Используйте весь потенциал двигателей LEGO без повреждений
  • Приложения Android и iOS – легко и интуитивно понятно
  • ДИАПАЗОН 60 м – Bluetooth (BLE) решает проблемы низкого диапазона и потери сигнала ИК
  • 4 РЕЖИМА СКОРОСТИ – Additiona Смехотворный режим скорости (запись Marxpek: 44,1 км / ч)
  • 4 ВЫХОДА – BuWizz имеет 4 порта для двигателей и освещения.

Получите максимум от ваших двигателей LEGO®.


Бесплатная экспресс-доставка

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Бесплатная экспресс-доставка

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Приложение BuWizz

Загрузите наше приложение для iOS и Android

Полная настройка


28 выходов управления

Интуитивно понятный дизайн

FPV Wi-Fi камера вид


    • BuWizz предлагает больше мощности для каждого из 4-х выходных каналов, что в общей сложности дает увеличение мощности в 2 раз.
    • Вы можете свободно управляйть своими моделями  – сервомотор имеет 15 позиций с BuWizz, а не только влево-всередину-вправо, как в случае с PF  ИК-регуляторами.
    • Режим LUDICROUS : увеличение мощности в 2 раза.
    • Режим  FAST: увеличение мощности в 1,5 раза.
    • Режим NORMAL: средняя скорость.
    • Режим SLOW: реалистичное замедленное движение.
  • КОМПАКТНОСТЬ – 8 x 4 x 3 штифта
  • Очень ЛЕГКИЙ– менее 50 гр.
  • ДОСТУПНАЯ ЦЕНА – по сравнению с другими решениями.
  • КАЧЕСТВО– Высокое качество сборки
  • 4 ВХОДА
  • ПРОСТОТА ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ – 4-ступенчатая установка.
  • ПРОГРАММИРОВАНО – в мобильном приложении (нет рабочего стола)
  • Работает со старыми двигателями – 4,5 В двигатели поездов и багги -двигатели.
  • Удобно для пользователем iOS и Android приложений.

BuWizz  совместим с системой LEGO Power функции  и является очень удобным в использовании.

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Почему люди любят BuWizz

The unique feature of the BuWizz is as “Fast” mode, which provides a voltage that is higher than any LEGO-battery-based solution. It makes a noticeable difference in motor’s performance.


Prolific LEGO Technic builder

Easy to install, light, and very fast compared to lego ir. You can customize it in a jiffy, changes controlles from sliders to on off or joystick very easy too. It does what it says it does. The biggest suprise is the weight of the BuWizz, its lighter then a xl motor.

Fam Quintyn-Braekman

Admin, FB LEGO Technic group

The interface is simple and easy to understand and to connect. The default profiles are easy to use and the Buwizz responds very good to action on the phone. Plus a fast mode for the motor which enable 11V on it (no damage for the motor).

Therefore, I really encourage you to buy one, this is way better than sbrick. Despite the price, you have the equivalent of a working sbrick with a lipo battery which can be charger by a simple usb type B. So not too much money comparing to lego PFS solutions.


Prolific Lego Technic Designer, Nico71's Creations

32 reviews for 1x BuWizz 2.0 LUDICROUS

  1. Gamemasterks

    Every Technic RC MOC builder should get this! It provides way more voltage than another of the other rechargeable solutions on the market. This will reignite your love for Lego RC cars in a way nothing else has before because of how fast this will make your Lego RC car go! This with RC Buggy Motors makes a killer Lego RC car! Also since it’s rechargeable, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet because you don’t need to constantly buy new disposable batteries. It’s also bluetooth so you can actually use it outside without interference unlike Lego IR. The app is also nice with very customizable controls and very interesting programming features such as power curves which are able to solve a lot. The price is absolutely worth it for what you’re getting which is a high performance, compact, rechargeable battery box.

  2. Philipp Hasler

    Genial alles klappt

  3. Dieter Traum

    Meine Camera findet kein WLan

    • Tihomir

      Please send your request to support@buwizz.com. Our technical team will help you with your issue.
      Best regards,
      BuWizz team

  4. Dieter Trouwborst (проверенный владелец)

    Best remotable brick ever. Great power and very long battery life.

  5. Vishak Meenachi


  6. Ming Ying Cai

    With BuWizz, your tech Lego is wonderful, if you do n’t have it, you ’ll lose color

  7. Frank Hoffer

    Ein Muss für jeden Technik Fan.

  8. EM4N

    I have to be honest, I was looking for a powerful and compact solution for moving my tank, then I found BuWizz. This is far away from any other solution because of its light weight, the outstanding capacity of keeping the charge and of course the integrated 4-speed circuit, without any need of external gearbox. I am planning to buy more in the future, I recommend it.

  9. Charlie

    I think it is a great power source, but when I emergently stop, my model is doesn’t, and it crashes. Also, right now, I can’t figure out how to turn this buwizz off. It keeps slowly blinking, and no matter what I do, Ex: charge press it, it acts like that I never did anything to it, so I left it uncharged and overnight and in the morning I saw it still blinking.

  10. Emerson Henrique de Oliveira Oliveira

    Simplesmente magnífico

  11. Barth (проверенный владелец)


  12. Barth (проверенный владелец)

    Très bien , rapide…

  13. yumingqin

    Bu is a very special product in lego moc

  14. Charlie

    Great! Fast speed needs fewer motors. I am just wondering if the buwizz can overcharge

    • zerobricks


      BuWizz has an integrated charging circuit, so it can’t overcharge.

      Best regards

  15. John F. Hildebrand (проверенный владелец)

    I bought one to see how they perform. I bought two more because they did everything that I hope they would.. Some unit I built much too slow,barely work. With buwizz now work perfectly. Will be buying more.

  16. Oliver Holl (проверенный владелец)

    Bin eigentlich sehr zu Frieden habe nur das Problem das ich gerne zwei Modelle nacheinander steuern möchte funktioniert das nicht mit der voreingestellten buwizz sich nicht verbinden lässt

  17. Richard Wessels

    Ich habe ein buggy gebaut und war erschtaunt wie cool BuWizz ist 😛

  18. clansmenator (проверенный владелец)

    I have been using BuWizz for over a year now and it’s freaking awesome.

  19. Gaidis (проверенный владелец)

    Power unit is really powerful, and with good range :), can’t wait controller support, would love to see option to use it as battery only, so I can use IR control for kids.. but got hanged up hope support will help me to get back and running, but camera is oposite :(, range is poor ;( , if we could conect to wifi router with it I guess range would extend(now it works as his own access point only, most kids won’t manage to start by themselves), but now in straight wisibility is ok, but next room signal too poor.. So you can’t drive around house and see what everyone is doing.. So camera is like useless fancy thing.. 🙁 Battery time while streaming is also quite short.. Not included mount for Lego, and doesn’t have even threaded camera mount, bit complicated to fix in place

    • zerobricks


      We are glad you are happy with the range and power of BuWizz.

      Regarding Wi-Fi camera, here are a few suggestions:
      – Turn off any devices which may intefere with communcation of the cmaera such as open networks and such
      – You can extend the life of the camera by using a simple powerbank
      – For casing you can build a brick case like this:

  20. Egor Ivanov


  21. Racing Brick

    BuWizz is a unique way to power and control your LEGO creations. One benefit is the size, the battery and the controller is packed in a box that is smaller than the LEGO PF AAA battery box alone and it still has 4 Power Functions connectors. The other benefit is the extra power it can provide, with the higher voltage options the Power Functions motors will be faster and stronger. The app clean and straightforward to use.

  22. technicfan

    Das Gehäuse ist erstklassig verarbeitet, mit der Qualität kompatibler Klemmbausteine absolut gleichauf. Die Halte/Montagepunkte bieten einen wackelfreien Sitz auf Technic Steinen und Noppen. Selbst mit aufgesteckten Power-Functions Steckern ist der BuWizz noch kleiner als Lego Batterieboxen. Das Aufladen erfolgt über den bekannten Micro USB Stecker, der Akku hält selbst im Ludicrous Modus sehr lange (abhängig von der Anzahl der Motoren). Die eigentliche Stärke liegt in der enormen Reichweite: das verwendete Bluetooth System arbeitet unabhängig von Umwelteinflüssen (Sonne, …). Das geringere Gewicht verbessert das Fahrverhalten und die Schwerpunktlage, gerade von schnellen Modellen, deutlich. Der Unterschied nach dem Umstieg auf BuWizz ist signifikant: größerer Spielspaß durch deutlich mehr Power!
    Empfehlenswert für jeden, jung und alt, erfahrener Konstrukteur oder Neuling!

  23. BLEICHER Serge (проверенный владелец)

    BuWizz est actuellement le meilleur produit pour commander nos lego motorisé. BuWizz a le meilleur rapport qualité-prix du marché. BuWizz est le plus puissant tout en étant le plus compact. Il y a toujours une réponse positive pour toutes les interrogations, remarques et critiques concernant BuWizz.

  24. The Brick Wall

    The life of a creator before and after using the BuWizz.

    Looking back at my first projects, I wonder how easy it would be to control them if I only had one Buwizz brick. My typical creations most of the time are complex in nature and use more than 10 Lego PF motors. Some of them need to be grouped together, others need to be controlled independently and the rest need to be pushed to the limit. In fact, I push the limit in every one of my projects. It is so much fun. When I start working on a new project, I know BuWizz will give me the control, the flexibility and the precision required to operate my machines.

    It is impressive how the BuWizz Team packed so many useful features and kept a friendly user interface. And most importantly, the Team is listening for feedback and suggestions. Well done.
    Purchasing BUWizz bricks was my best investment.

  25. Will Hoth Bricks

    Excellent produit qui permet à des modèles déjà motorisés à l’aide du système Power Functions de bénéficier des avantages “modernes” proposés par la brique Buwizz : Bluetooth, batterie rechargeable etc…

    Interface de paramétrage simple et accessible à tous, application stable et fonctionnelle, Buwizz donne vraiment une seconde vie à de nombreux produits interactifs sans nécessiter de connaissances particulières et sans devoir intégrer de nombreux composants et câbles additionnels.

  26. Marxpek. Holland, age 35.

    Buwizz is THE way to power buggy motors. Fast and easy in use. The best option to make your lego RC.

  27. Jan Baan (jbb_777)

    I needed to power my elevator. A normal LEGO battery box was hopelessly insufficient. With Buwizz it worked like a charm. Additional advantage is that Buwizz is 100% hidden thanks to the bluetooth connection. Regular LEGO remotes require a visible IR receiver.

    Check out https://www.instagram.com/p/BrOVhInHppk/?igshid=12wofoc26r6b to see how well Buwizz is able to move my elevator 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  28. András Borsos

    The application is quite straightforward to use, it has all the necessary controller types and some additional smart features such as steering for tracked vehicles, power curves to customize the effect of controllers to outputs and live camera streaming.
    The power is incredible, Fast and Ludicrous modes boost up the speed of creations to a whole new level. It can power my old 9V motors, PF and RC motors as well.
    It takes up just a tiny space and it can be charged with any kind of mini USB cable, even from a powerbank.

  29. All About Lego

    BuWizz is definitely a huge step up from the standard Lego power functions system. The first benefit is that BuWizz can be controlled using Bluetooth from an intuitive app on your phone (which allows you to create fully customisable control panels) – much better than the IR remotes that are used within the Power Functions system as it isn’t affected by the sun – meaning that the range you can control your Lego from both inside and outside is great! It also has 4 speed modes – slow, normal, fast, and LUDICROUS, (which really is ludicrous!) compared to just the one that Power Functions has. I must admit that at first I thought the price seemed a bit steep, but when you consider what you are actually getting for your money – the equivalent of a power Functions rechargeable Battery box, two IR receivers, two IR remotes, (and the obvious extras of the app, Bluetooth control, and different speed modes etc…), which aren’t exactly cheap themselves. And to top it all off, BuWizz is even smaller than a Power Functions AAA battery box! In my opinion, this is an awesome product which adds so much to your RC Lego Creations!

  30. Raymond Smith (проверенный владелец)

    Can’t believe how easy buwizz moves my newest moc. Its heavy and moves well.

  31. park mi young


  32. Homorodean (проверенный владелец)

    Excellent, as I expected it!

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