WiFi камера FPV

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Дополнение Wi-Fi камеры Full HD для приложения BuWizz позволяет:

  • Запись (на карту Micro SD)
  • FPV (вид от первого лица) через приложение BuWizz
  • Двигайтесь без прямой видимости


  • Видео: 4K 30 кадров / с / 2,7K 30 кадров / с / 1080p 60/30 кадров / с 720p / 120 кадров / с (H.264)
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n (диапазон WiFi сигнала до 10 м)
  • Дисплей: 2-дюймовый ЖК-дисплей FHD
  • Батарея: 1050 мАч (1080p30 1,5 часа, 4K 30 / 1080p60 50 минут)
  • Формат видео: MOV, H.264
  • Фотографии Формат: JPG
  • Разрешение фото: 20M
  • Супер широкоугольный объектив: 170 градусов
  • Вход / Выход: Micro USB / HDMI

Это дополнение открывает новые возможности для ваших моделей LEGO® Technic.

Наслаждайтесь этим еще больше.



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Почему люди любят BuWizz

The unique feature of the BuWizz is as “Fast” mode, which provides a voltage that is higher than any LEGO-battery-based solution. It makes a noticeable difference in motor’s performance.


Prolific LEGO Technic builder

Easy to install, light, and very fast compared to lego ir. You can customize it in a jiffy, changes controlles from sliders to on off or joystick very easy too. It does what it says it does. The biggest suprise is the weight of the BuWizz, its lighter then a xl motor.

Fam Quintyn-Braekman

Admin, FB LEGO Technic group

The interface is simple and easy to understand and to connect. The default profiles are easy to use and the Buwizz responds very good to action on the phone. Plus a fast mode for the motor which enable 11V on it (no damage for the motor).

Therefore, I really encourage you to buy one, this is way better than sbrick. Despite the price, you have the equivalent of a working sbrick with a lipo battery which can be charger by a simple usb type B. So not too much money comparing to lego PFS solutions.


Prolific Lego Technic Designer, Nico71's Creations

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