BuWizz za izobraževanje

BuWizz naredi vaše kocke pametnejše in še bolj zanimive in zabavne za igro.

Gene Louw Primary School

  Western Cape, south Africa


Hein van den Worm

When teaching Physics, this is where the true passion of using Lego and built systems come into play. From building small winches to test tension in strings with different powers, to the introduction of Hook’s Law. Although the basic Lego system could deliver all the tools needed, the technology compared to today’s demands, was a bit outdated. This is where my search lead me to BuWizz. BuWizz made all my models and systems work.

Bertie Early College High School

 North Carolina, USA



Mr. Schaap

The students and I compare and contrast power with all of the different types of power sources available. Students can easily make there own remote control with there own cell phone. The Lego system, and other systems, have more parts to incorporate in the model, which makes it more complicated. They are not as user friendly as the Buwizz is.

National University of Singapore




Gang Xu

The key reason using BuWizz instead of traditional battery box is that BuWizz has a much smaller size, it is much efficient for structure design and add more functionalities in a specifically fixed volume in our projects. In addition, BuWizz is able to provide four different power modes by varying output voltage, which also helped to achieve the racing car with better performance.BuWizz provides a easy-to-use software with Bluetooth connections, much improved stability and longer communication distance.