Today we are going to look at how I motorized Lego’s 42111 Dom’s Dodge Charger

1. The concept

I wanted to keep this mod as simple and keep the set as original and functional as possible.

I also wanted to use the brand new BuWizz motor as the main drive motor. For steering we used a Power Functions® Servo motor. And of course the modified motor is powered by a BuWizz.


2. Motorization process

The first challenge faced was where to position the drive motor. As stated before, I wanted to keep the same functionality of the V8 engine and the wheelie bar, so the drive motor had to be placed somewhere where it would not interfere. After looking at all the available space and options, I decided to place the drive motor directly behind the V8 fake engine, facing the passenger side. Using a few additional pieces and a 16 tooth gear, the motor was coupled directly to the fake V8 engine.

Next the Servo motor had to installed and connected to the steering system. After fiddling around I found the perfect spot at the rear next to the steering gear. No additional gears were required and the Servo motor fit perfectly in the spot.

After testing the prototype, I noticed that the original gearing had a too low gear ratio, which resulted in a poor acceleration. In order to increase the gear ratio and reduce torque flex on suspension, the rear axle gearing was changed to 1:3.

Last thing left was BuWizz placement. The trunk turned out to be the perfect place and with a single Technic® brick, BuWizz was placed on the bottom. The wires were carefully routed to the trunk and connected to the BuWizz brick.

3. Custom profile

With the release of custom profiles, I turned to our graphical designer to create images for this model’s control profile. He did an amazing job with the photographs which really bring the car and control profile to life.

This custom profile can be downloaded here: 42111 Dom’s Dodge Carger BuWizz App custom profile.

Video of the motorized Dom’s Dodge Charger along with a motorization tutorial can be seen here:

Article written by Zerobricks



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