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BuWizz User Guide

Battery refurbishment

BuWizz has an internal Lithium Polymer battery, which like all batteries degrades with time and usage (charge-discharge cycles).
We have tested batteries from many manufacturers, and we are using top-of-the-line batteries in all BuWizz products. Our testing showed BuWizz batteries can endure more than 2.000 charge-discharge cycles before capacity drops to 80% of initial capacity (industry standard for determining battery lifetime). This means several thousand hours of play time or many years of everyday usage. And even at 80% of initial capacity, the battery is not dead yet, just the run time between charges is shortened proportionally, but you can still continue using your BuWizz.

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BuWizz App (Open Beta) – Gamepad Support Instructions

BuWizz Legacy App

BuWizz App with support for LEGO Technic Powered Up HUB

BuWizz Bluetooth®


Common issues

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LED indicator

Why is Buwizz LED shining/blinking green?

Battery level between full and 2/3

Why is Buwizz LED shining/blinking orange?

Battery level is between 2/3 and 1/3

Why is Buwizz LED shining/blinking red?

1. Battery level is under 1/3
2. Recharge Buwizz

Why is Buwizz LED quickly blinking red/green?

1. Quick blinking of red and green LED means battery is critically low
2. Recharge Buwizz

Buwizz's LED is quickly blinking red

BuWizz firmware issues. New firmware is in the works and scheduled to be released in July 2018


PU Ports 1&2 and 3&4 are blinking RED/GREEN alternately All PU ports are blinking in a RED spinning pattern

Hold the power button
for 5 seconds to reset the
BuWizz alternately
All PU ports are blinking in a RED spinning pattern

Buwizz will not turn off when pressing the button

1. Buwizz is connected to the app and will therefore not turn off
2. Close Buwizz app and try turning off Buwizz again
3. If Buwizz still does not turn off, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and try turning off Buwizz again

Buwizz does not turn on when pressing the button

1. Charge Buwizz for 3 hours
2. Check your charger and cable are working properly
3. Note, BuWizz turns off automatically during charging. No LED is lit, but charging still continues
4. In case Buwizz still does not turn on after charging for 3 hours, contact technical support

Buwizz will not pair with the phone

1. DO NOT pair Buwizz with bluetooth
2. Pairing should not be performed
3. Use Buwizz app to connect

Buwizz is not visible in the app

1. Check your device is compatible with the Buwizz app (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher), running Android 4.4 or higher.
2. Give Buwizz app permission to access location information
3. Turn on bluetooth
4. Make sure your device is not outside the Bluetooth range – suggested range for detection of Buwizz is under 5 meters
5. In case the problem persists, contact technical support

Buwizz is visible in the app, but will not connect

1. Make sure to wait for the scan for devices to be completed before staring the engine button in the Buwizz app.
2. Make sure your device is not outside the Bluetooth range – suggested range for detection of Buwizz is under 5 meters
3. Turn off Buwizz for 3 seconds and try reconnecting
4. Restart the Buwizz app
5. In case the problem persists, contact technical support

Buwizz works but at extremely low rangeHow will my shirts ship?
My model loses connection when accelerating, braking or reversing in high speed/ludicrous mode

1. Buwizz’s internal overcurrent protection is tripping due to the current spikes due to the fast speed changes
2. Do not connect more than 2x XL, 2x L, 2x M or 1x RC motor per output
3. Make sure to control motors carefully, avoiding quick speed changes and reversals of the power sliders.
4. In cases where swift control and reversals of motors are needed, use Slow or Normal mode.
5. Run several BuWizz bricks in parallel to increase number of motors running in parallel for huge models.

App connects to Buwizz, but after a while model stops responding

1. Buwizz will stop responding if the model leaves the range – for best performance keep your model with 15 meters of range
2. Battery is empty – recharge Buwizz
3.Under heavy load and drained battery, Buwizz will reset itself and terminate connection – recharge Buwizz

Buwizz stops responding when control device has not been used for a while

1. Check that Buwizz is still turned on (BuWizz turns off automatically if no commands are received for 10 minutes)
2. Exit the control profile and reconnect to Buwizz
3. In case of connection issues restart Buwizz or the app

BuWizz will not charge

1. Some newer chargers require communication in order to charge the device which is not possible if the BuWizz is too drained or turned off.
2. Turn on/charge BuWizz with an older charger or via the USB port of a PC.


Is it possible to power 4 lego RC motors with one buwizz?

1. It is possible, but performance will suffer
2. 4x Buggy/RC motors is an extreme setup
3. We recommend using 2x BuWizz.
4. In ludicrous mode, you will experience over-current limiter engaging and your model can stop responding

Why does BuWizz need location permission?

This is an Android requirement, we do not need your location. All apps which use Bluetooth need to have location permission (and Location set to “ON”) or Bluetooth scan does not work