NEW BuWizz packaging

We made a NEW BuWizz packaging for our new custumers. It will show the quality of BuWizz even before you buy it and have a test run.  It offers contures of BuWizz from both sides in 1:1 proportion.  We stay strongly behind our promise, that: "We will develope and...

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Small Car competition Report

BuWizz Small car competition ended in we had some great entries. All are listed below.  But like in every competition there can be only one winner. In our case winners for the best design:    Prize, 3 x BuWizz goes to 1969 Lamborghini Miura Prize, 2 x BuWizz goes to...

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Final results and wrap-up

With all the stages completed, it was time to gather the results and announce the points. For this purpose, each stage and competitor were listed in tables from which the points were awarded or removed. The final scores for Rolug Technic Xperience 2018 you can find on...

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Rolug 2018 Competition – Sports car 3/6

Sports Cars competition was third stage of ROLUG Technic Xperience 2018. In this category contestants had to design a large scale sports car model. Each sports car had to be equipped with a functional gearbox, working suspension and had to be remote controlled. There...

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Rolug competition – MIcroracers 2/6

The second stage of ROLUG Technic Xperience 2018 was the Microracers event. For this competition, contestants had to design a miniature racing car, capable of driving across a flat track full of twists and turns. Rules stated that each model had its volume limited to...

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Rolug 2018 – Competitions 1/6

With the track prepared it was time for the first event - Off Road Competition. This competition focused in designing vehicles capable of negotiating rough terrain at high speed. Therefore, all the competing models were designed with high ground clearance and large...

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ROLUG Technic Xperience 2018

1.    The Design Phase It was late in the evening when I packed up the last model into my travel case. Tomorrow I was flying to Bucharest to attend the upcoming Rolug Technic Xpereince 2018. The two weeks leading to the competition were dedicated to building, testing...

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Comparison with LEGO® PF and Sbrick

BuWizz is the high-performance controller for LEGO® Power functions. It is compatible with all LEGO® Power functions, as well as OLD elements like RC-Buggy motors 5292 and old 4,5 V train motors (in slow mode). It offers incredible power and delivers voltage up to...

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Software and hardware update ideas for 2018

We have been a bit quiet lately, but we have been very busy. We are doing a major overhaul of BuWizz app, we are adding several new features, and this is taking quite a lot of effort. Also, we are working on BuWizz add-on modules, which will connect to the 6-pin white...

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