We at BuWizz were thinking that our BuWizz puller made of LEGO® can do much more than pull a 2 ton (4,200 lbs) Porsche® Macan SUV.

We were sitting under a tree one day and thinking what that could be when some apples fell on our heads and we got this bright idea… Just kidding ? But we really did a brainstorming session about what we should pull next with BuWizz: a plane, a truck, a boat, a house… And then it hit us: BuWizz will pull a train!

We went to the Railway Museum in Ljubljana and asked if they would lend us one of their Locomotives and allowed us to shoot a video on their premises. As we walked around the huge 19th and early 20th century steam locomotives, we realized that this is too BIG of a task for the little BuWizz puller. Some of these old locomotives weigh as much as 160 tons (350,000 lbs)!

After some more walking around the museum, we saw this old 1860’s carriage that looked perfect for our project and asked if it is in driving condition. Miraculously, the 150+ years old train carriage was oiled up and ready to go – kudos to the people in the museum who take such great care of their exhibits.

We immediately had some ideas for the script. It had to be funny and suitable for the time period of the carriage. We gathered the team and equipment, rented some costumes from the 19th century and dressed up for the video shoot.


In case you’re wondering: BuWizz Train Puller was, of course, more than capable of pulling the 7 ton (15,000+ lbs) carriage with passengers ?

It was tremendous FUN working on this project with colleagues and friends.  We were roleplaying, struggling with the Train carriage and our MOC made of LEGO®, laughing and recording all of that. We had a great time and it was something to remember for the rest of our lives. Best of it is in this video. ENJOY dear BuWizz and LEGO® fans.



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