More than 600 children who attended the largest LEGO® expo (“Planet Kock”) in Slovenia had the opportunity to test drive some of our LEGO® models powered by the BuWizz brick.
Our BuWizz powered Go-kart model got the most attention. It is made from 8,000 bricks and you can sit on it and drive it around. Over 200 children drove it, and not a single brick fell off.

It was the same with our labyrinth. Girls and boys controlled different BuWizz-driven models with a Wi-Fi camera First-person view via BuWizz app. They drove through the labyrinth in search of a flag that was in the middle of the maze.

We also had a Truck Trial course in which children competed for different LEGO® models awards.
Since a lot of improvisation is often required when building LEGO® creations, we also had to improvise at our stand. But for a good reason!

During the two days of the Expo, we planned to spend two hours each with the children who would like to try out our models. Due to the great interest, however, children drove BuWizz Go-kart for four hours each day. As for the labyrinth, they played until phone batteries were depleted.
We had lots of fun with all our fans.


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