BuWizz powered 42126 Ford® F-150 Raptor



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Product includes:

  • 42126 LEGO® Technic™ Ford® F-150 Raptor set
  • 1 x BuWizz 3.0 Pro
  • 2 x BuWizz Motor
  • 1 x LEGO® Technic™ Large Motor
  • 3 x LEGO® pieces
  • PDF instructions
  • BuWizz App profile

30 day money-back guarantee

Free Express shipping

2 year warranty

* 6 months on battery

24h support

Grow with your creation

BuWizz is made by LEGO® fans to overcome the range and power limitation of the Power Functions® system. Now you can grow with your creations and create bigger, more detailed and faster creations.

No limit to your creativity

Build complex models and control more than 28 PF motors and lights from one controller. 3 axis Acceleration sensor – allows measuring of acceleration, G-force, inclination of your model, etc.

Advance Mobile App

BuWizz connects to your Smartphone over Bluetooth® LE technology. BuWizz App gives you absolute freedom to customize controls, control dozens of motors and even program your outputs.

Learn, Create, Play

In combination with BuWizz LEGO® is even more interesting as a STEM toy. You and your child can now build, have fun and learn through play. Challenge his creativity and problem solving capability. Grow together.

+500 YouTube videos

Visit our channel or take a look at anynumber of BuWizz reivews or featured videos. Enjoy.

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