Pro Remote Control for LEGO® Technic MOC

The one brick to connect all LEGO® Power Functions motors and control them from Android or iOS smart device. Delivering awesome power, BuWizz also features user friendly battery recharge with Micro-USB chargers or standard power banks. One Buwizz brick can control 4 LEGO® Power Functions Motors or LEDs.



BuWizz is the fastest

It was well planned by trusted afols setting a high standard for controlling larger LEGO Technic creations. Every pro knows speed and control are the main essentials for success. The brick is made for pro usage and advanced users.

With the velocity gained through research, we managed to push heavy MOC to places previously regarded as impossible ground. Amazingly BuWizz handles rocks, gravel, mud… Apart from speed, drifting on asphalt was also possible and we recently even blogged on setting a 25 km/h record in speed.

What makes us proud is finally also our user friendly software featuring Android version 4.4 and up, iOS version 9 and up, along with open and accessible Bluetooth communications protocol. In other words, the app works great.

Currently we have experts developing the LUDICROUS speed, 11.8 V of sheer power. True connoisseurs will know what we are talking about.

Tech Specs

LEGO® Technic Model or Custom MOC

Power up your LEGO MOC and fly with over 20km/h. The point of having more and more bricks around the house is to once be able to make that one, large, enormous LEGO construction. The leviathan of leviathans. We want to help you with complex constructions. The weight of your MOC is growing statistically throughout the LEGO era and doesn’t seem to have a limit. Seeing all of your constructions over the years inspired us to make BuWizz available worldwide.

BuWizz system features the following elements:
› remote control brick with a battery inside
› free downloadable app working on iOs and Android

What was primarily made for our own fun is now yours.
After we set you up with our brick, all you need to do is connect it to Power Functions motors and play the app on your smartphone/tablet.

YouTube Channel

LEGO® Trains

Connect to LEGO trains, define the desired speed levels and set the wagons in motion. BuWizz had great amount of feedback from LEGO train users, who wanted to make sure the compliance with the system was awesome. With our app, one can control different bricks/trains from one smartphone or tablet. The open communications protocol will allow users to write their own program to control all the small factors one adds to the whole model. Control lights, sounds or railway barriers. Set preffered intervals and let the trains move around in different speed levels. BuWizz was designed to fit the trains accordingly.

Share your ideas on our blog #THEONEBRICK
Possibilities are endless! We dare you to implement power banks in cargo wagons. Make the train move for hours and hours!


Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

BuWizz crowdfunding campaign was successful on Kickstarter! Our supporters helped us raise $55,000 to make BuWizz a real product.
Thank you all. You are the ones who made a difference!