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This website is operated under full responsibility of Fortronik d.o.o., Trinkova ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana.

The following text refers to the responsible party (company) in the term Fortronik.

The website offers information and purchase option for BuWizz and related products. The domain www.buwizz.com uses affiliated parties to monitor, manage and enable this same website. Fortronik offers the e-commerce solution for BuWizz products delivery, stated in the conditions beneath and serviced on the same website.  

Order Form

Fortronik manages the sales department in English language. Upon confirming the payment via PayPay order form, Fortronik receives your purchase information and handles it accordingly to law of Okrajno Sodišče v Ljubljani. After verification, the contract is valid and will be fulfilled in the following 5 working days. Ordering and cashing through Paypal is managed by Paypal. Their terms and conditions apply to the order made on our website.

By purchasing the product from our website, you agree on the terms &conditions and privacy policy stated here. After confirmation is active, the information on the purchase is also mailed to the specified address.


We guarantee our service according to law in Slovenia, where the company Fortronik si based. The product should be inspected upon receiving, and returned in 14 days if defective. We are not responsible for the damage caused by third party actions or anything the product suffered after unboxing. The product, a high quality pro remote control system, is made under our supervision and mailed after our inspection.


You can pay accordingly to options provided on www.buwizz.com We hold the right to modify payment options and inform you about it on our blog. In case of payment by credit card, your financial information (i.e., credit card number and its expiry date) will be sent trough encrypted protocol, to the bank in charge of electronic payments. Nobody else other than the bank will ever have access to the information. Fortronik will not use the information other than: 1) complete the procedure for your order; 2) refund  sums related to products sent back based on your right to withdraw; 3) prevent or inform police department about frauds on the website www.buwizz.com


We inform our costumers on all amendments and updates accordingly on www.buwizz.com, our blog, social media and newsletter.

  • PRIVACY POLICY            

This website, the products listed and all parts are handled, manufactured or operated by Fortronik d.o.o. The domain, information and services are strictly operated according to law in Slovenia, with accordance to privacy protection act. We hold the right to delete or modify the site at any time. The site operates with a contact form, please use it when required additional information not provided here.


The information handled on our blog are in the responsibility of our third party associates stated on the blog. Their information follows the terms and conditions stated on the blog.

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The information gathered is used and protected in accordance with the EU Privacy Directive and this privacy policy. We will primarily use your personal information collected from newsletter subscription to offer you services and products or send you information about new offers and product news via email. We will only send you this if you have opted for newsletter emails. You are free to unsubscribe the newsletter at any time.

The information we collect

By using our website you agree to the terms stated here and in Terms and Conditions section of the site. The policy only applies to the information collected through our website, by our third party associates or us. The information is collected for our selling services, newsletter subscriptions, targeted advertising and website analysis.

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All transaction options are provided by third party associates. The terms, conditions and privacy policies are stated on their website. You can read about your information security there.

The safety of your transaction is stated here:


Internet security

Whenever personal information is shared, there is a risk that third parties may intercept and use the information. To provide security, we use various measures. All the information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible to our and third party workers, who are required to keep the information confidential.

Third party associates

We use services offered from companies that also collect data from our website. We reserve the right to change these associates without notice to the users on the website. By entering and browsing through our website, you also display information collected by our company and other parties who assist us in advertising or operating and reviewing the website. We have no control over the information collected by associates and have no option for review. Third parties are required to keep your information confidential. If required by law, the information can be released. All parties have similar privacy policies available for review on their websites.

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We reserve the right to monitor clicks on our site to determine users preferences. To help improve our site and the visibility, we use Google Analytics. This monitors the visits to our site and informs us on the activity. Google Adwords is also used to advertise our website and products.  The information about your browsing activity is conveyed anonymously.

To opt out from this, please use: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

For any questions about the site, how we use it and this privacy policy, please contact Fortronik d.o.o.

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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