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The ultimate remote control for LEGO® offers more POWER & SPEED in a COMPACT brick. 

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Ultimate LEGO remote control for Lego Technic power functions


 Ultimate remote control for

LEGO® Power Functions


BuWizz is a SUPERCHARGER for your LEGO® Power Functions motors and propels your LEGO® models to speeds of over 40 km/h in LUDICROUS mode.

BUWizz has 4-speed modes:

  • SLOW
  • FAST


Built-in battery and power converter enables BuWizz to offer tremendous power (up to 12x more than other solutions).

This means that you can move very heavy Brick models and climb slopes with ease.

Give your creations new life. Give them BuWizz.

Range 60m+

BuWizz  Bluetooth technology offers responsive controls for your LEGO® creations with a range of 60m*. 

Take your BuWizz powered models outside and be free! More power means you don’t need to worry about gravel, mud or grass. This makes the Buwizz ultimate remote control solution for LEGO® Power Functions

*Bluetooth range, as any radio technology, is dependent on the environment and also the phones differ significantly in this regard. We measured a range of up to 100 m in clear, open space, but we claim only 60 m.


While BuWizz is only 3/4 the size of a LEGO® Li-Po 8878 battery box, it also replaces two IR receivers (or other control solutions). This gives you more flexibility when building smaller and faster models.

BuWizz simply offers more in smaller package. 

Quality built

BuWizz brick is high-quality electronics and Li-Po battery, enclosed in precision made plastic shell, assembled by professional engineers in Slovenia (EU).

Battery and plastic shell refurbishing service will enable unlimited service life.

BuWizz is made to last. Quality was one of our main goals during development and prototyping. And we achieved it. 

Ease of use

BuWizz brick connects to your phone through the mobile App.

Special care was put into making BuWizz usage as easy as possible.

You can start playing with BuWizz in under 1 minute. 


Because of its small size, BuWizz can fit into any LEGO® Train and offers you more flexibility in train design. 

Not only the new train motors:

  • With SLOW mode you can safely control and drive the old 4.5 V train motors, without fear of damaging them.
  • With LUDICROUS mode you can also drive the old 12 V train motors. 

Extended playtime

Power bank offers an opportunity to extended your playtime from a couple of hours to several hours (even tens of hours – depends on Power bank capacity). 

Now you can set your trains in motion without worrying they will run out of steam. 

Have more FUN. Get BuWizz 

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The ultimate brick for controlling LEGO®motors and lights.
Enables you to build bigger and heavier models.
Go faster and further than before.
Realise your dream.

BuWizz Youtube channel

 MOC from LEGO® pulls a 7t train cariage

 Fastest LEGO® Technic 

powered by BuWizz

 BuWizz Beer-bot serves beer for you

MOC made of LEGO®

pulls a Porsche Macan SUV

Unleash the power of LEGO® motors. 

Turbocharge them 

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