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Speed over 40 km/h. Range 60m+.
More powerful than other solutions.
Give life to your LEGO® creations.
Give them BuWizz.


The fastest brick


BuWizz has tremendous power (up to 12x more). 

This will SUPERCHARGE your LEGO motors and propel your LEGO to speeds up and over 40 km/h. 

BUWizz has 4-speed modes:

  • SLOW
  • FAST and


BUuil tin battery enables BuWizz to have tremendous power (up to 12x more). 

This means that you can move more very heavy LEGO models with ease. Give your LEGO new life Give them BuWizz. 

Range 60m+

BuWizz  Bluetooth technology offers responsive controls of your LEGO creations with a range of 60m and more. With Samsung S8 we measured 100m. 

You don't need to play inside and in confined space because of the sun interfering with the IR. 

Take your BuWizz and be free. 


    BuWizz is 3/4 size of a LEGO Li-Po 8878. Besides that you would need an IR for LEGO solution or Sbrick for that matter. This gives you more flexibility in building smaller and faster models.

    BuWizz offers more in smaller packaging. 

    Quality build

    Buwizz is built from high-quality plastic shell witch inboxes electronics and Li-Po battery all assembled by professional engineers in Europe. We will offer battery refurbishing service.

    BuWizz is made to last. Quality was one of our main goals. And we did it. 

    Ease of use

    BuWizz brick connects to your phone throw the mobile App. Special care was put into making the first use of BuWizz as easy as possible. After reading our User guide you can start playing with BuWizz in under 1 minute. 


    Because of its small size, it can fit into any train and offers more flexibility to your train design. 

    With slow mode you can control and drive the old train 4,5 V motors. 

    Extended playtime with Power bank

    Power bank offers an opportunity to have extended your playtime from a couple of hours to 6 -8 hours. 

    Now you can set your trains in motion and don't need to worry that they're going to run out of their steam. 

    BuWizz makes your LEGO life easier. 

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    What BuWizz offers?

    Performance, quality, upgrades, and more...

    Customizable profiles

    Customizable profiles 
    Number of LEGO motors

    Planed upgrades

    Software and Hardware updates roadmap

    BuWizz will last a lifetime. 

    Lifetime of FUN

    Why you should choose BuWizz

    Performance and FUN

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    Good wee keep. Bad we upgrade

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    Events, Competitions and special MOC.

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