Building instructions


Traked Loader 42094 MOD powered by BuWizz

Porsche 911 RSR 42096 MOD powered by BuWizz

BuWizz special:

Beer Bot 3B 4U

Corvette ZR1 42093 MOD powered by BuWizz

Small car competition: Lamborgini Miura

Small car competition: Green Mean machine

Small car competition: BuWizz Turbo Tractor

Small Car competition chasie

Rolug 2018 Truck Trial winner

Rolug 2018 Trophy Truck winner

Rolug 2018 Microracer with Train motor

Halloween special: Warewolf

Rock Rod off-road DC tires

Fastest LEGO car 42 km/h

Corvette C2 with BuWizz

Corvette C3 with BuWizz

Classic american car for the design

B-twin electric concept and trike

2 L motors for driving and a servomotor

42065 RC Tracked Racer