Battery refurbishment service

Change your used BuWizz for a new one. How? 

Battery Refurbishment Service

)BuWizz has an internal Lithium Polymer battery, which like all batteries degrades with time and usage (charge-discharge cycles).
We have tested batteries from many manufacturers, and we are using top-of-the-line batteries in all BuWizz products. Even at 80% of initial capacity, the battery is not dead yet, just the run time between charges is shortened proportionally, but you can still continue using your BuWizz.

There is however one way to relatively quickly destroy the battery: leaving BuWizz on the shelf for several months (or even years) without charging it. While Lithium Polymer batteries have very low self-discharge rate (compared to other battery chemistries), they will self-discharge if not charged for several months. When this happens and the battery goes completely flat, the battery voltage will drop to 2.5 Volts and then rapidly down towards zero. In this case, the battery is considered dead and should no longer be charged for safety reasons.

The internal charger circuit inside BuWizz will no longer charge such battery – i.e. even if BuWizz is charged for several hours, the battery no longer holds any charge (BuWizz turns off immediately when disconnected from charger).

In this case, your BuWizz should be discarded and recycled properly.

Warranty for the battery is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Our plan was to offer battery refurbishing service, but this turned out to be unfeasible due to different legislation in different countries, restrictions on shipping products with Li-Poly batteries and the connected cost of shipping BuWizz 2-ways worldwide.

In case the battery goes dead (and can therefore no longer be charged), we offer a special price for replacement BuWizz:

The price of refurbishing service is:
 – 6-24 months after date of purchase: 38% discount (Worldwide shipping included)
 – 24-36 months after date of purchase: 30% discount (Worldwide shipping included)
 – 36-48 months after date of purchase: 23% discount (Worldwide shipping included)

For this price you will get a brand NEW BuWizz.
Please recycle your non-functioning BuWizz properly (Lithium Polymer battery inside).