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Alexandre Rossier

Automotive designer and LEGO® builder

The vision of future – with Alexandre Rossier

His Instagram profile is one of the most followed by LEGO® Technic fans. There are many reasons for that. And one of them is LEGO® futuristic monster truck. We were delighted when we saw it, between all other great models and ideas that Alexandre Rossier has.

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Arctic Exploration Vehicle

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Prinoth Leitwolf


BuWizz powered 

Futuristic Monster Truck

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Well, first of all, I have to ask you how did you manage to do all that things (working, designing for fun, photography, film, making LEGO® creations, and even play the trumpet)? Is your day longer than ours?

? With a good planning and organisation, you can do a lot of things. But, apart of working every weekday, and playing the trumpet daily, the other activities do not take place every day…


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When did LEGO® fever hit you, at first? When was your first exposure to LEGO®?

? When I received in 1975 my first LEGO set #565 ‘Moon Landing’

I can see that you are “obsessed” with all kinds of vehicles and you are making great LEGO® creations. I know it is a hard choice, but on which creation are you the proudest of? And Why?

?The next one is always my favourite, but I still have a particular feeling with the Arctic Exploration vehicle, futuristic yet feasible in reality video here:

Which one of your creations would you like to see on the streets, in real life?

? The one mentioned in the previous question, the X16 Monster Truck, and, more likely to happen, the Defender HalfTrack…

Source: LEGO® Ideas

How much time do you spend in your LEGO® room every day?

To be honest ? Most of the time I create during (rainy…) weekends, and some spare hours during weekdays. On average, I would say 15h/week.

Where do you find inspiration for new projects? I can see that most of your creations are totally futuristic.

? Some of my projects are replicas of real models (Rosenbauer fire truck, Prinoth snow groomers, locomotives, …), and for the creations, having been a designer for more than 20 years in automotive design, I have some expertise, and create my own challenges on themes that pop-up (retro futuristic like my car transporters, or mighty exploration vehicles)…

How big is your MOC collection? What is your favourite MOC?

? I have never counted them. My favourite is the one that I had answered in question 3.

Your Instagram profile is full of spectacular creations. Can you tell us the secret what will next get out from your room?

? I am finishing a few projects now (Prinoth Leitwolf Mk II snow groomer, BLS Ae6/8 locomotive, KTM Rally4 motorbike) but the next might be to do a cool supercar with the freshly-released Lamborghini parts…

I can see that you are very popular in LEGO® community? Your posts have really great engagement. Can you name top three comments which you get under your posts on Instagram or LEGO® Ideas lately?

  1. ? Well, can’t remember precisely, but most of the people seem to like the overall creativity and the attention to details… However, I am relatively new to social media (I opened in July 2018 my Instagram account).

Thank you Alexandre

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