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Zerobricks: I never imagined something as trivial as “playing” with Lego would result in a profession as it’s now

If someone told you, for example, before 10 or 15 years ago, that one day you will use models made of LEGO® for beer opening or for driving 60kg person, you would probably suggest him to visit the closest psychiatrist.

But, Zerobricks made that possible. And this is the story about him.

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When did LEGO® fever hit you, at first? When was your first exposure to LEGO?

My LEGO® fever hit me as soon as I received 2655 Play Farm as a baby from relatives. There was something special with the conveyer belt piece included in that set that intrigued me, even as a baby.


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How did you, at all, get interested about LEGO®?

I got interested in LEGO® ever since I received my first set, 2655. But I really got into LEGO® as a creator when I got my first big city set, the 6541 LEGO® Intercoastal port. This big set had enough various pieces to build all kinds of different models for years to come. A few years later, I received my first Technic set, the 8835 Forklift, which forever pulled me into the world of Lego Technic.

When you were younger, did you ever have problems because of LEGO®? With family, friends… ?

At that time LEGO® was not as available or affordable, so getting new sets as a child was really hard for me. Most of my friends loved to play along with my Lego collection. Many times they would visit and we would have jumping competitions with the models we built.

If you can turn back the time, what would you do differently in your past (related to LEGO®, of course ?)?

If I could I would try to get an education for industrial design to further complement my designing and building skills. At that time I never imagined something as trivial as “playing” with LEGO® would result in a profession as it’s now.

What is your favorite Lego theme and why?

My favourite theme is LEGO® Technic because it really allows me to bring models to life. With the introduction of the modern studless system, the possibilities really became endless, ranging from compact remote-controlled cars to massive all-wheel drive machines capable of pulling real cars.

Which project are you the proudest of? And Why?

That would have to be the Go-kart built for the BuWizz Company. The fact that a cart built out of pure unmodified LEGO® Technic bricks weighing 15 kilograms can easily carry and drive a 60 kg person is truly mind-boggling. Not to mention seeing all the happy kids driving it at exhibitions really makes me feel warm inside.

Where do you find inspiration for new projects?

Lots of things inspire me. It can be as simple as going out for a walk or checking random YouTube videos. Other times MOCs or official sets inspire me to build something different or better. And lastly just grabbing a pile of random bricks can be enough to get my creative juices going.

How do you measure your success? (number of subscribers, views, likes, money…or with something else)

That’s a tough one. For me, the success shows by experience. Having gained years of experiences building sets and MOCs, I can imagine not only what to build, but all the different ways how to make it in order to optimize the design. The fact most of my ideas actually come to life is a good indicator of a successful, experienced builder.

What is the biggest LEGO® challenge you have had to deal with so far, and how did you solve it?

Besides the before mentioned Go-kart, one of my biggest challenges was the BeerBot. That model was required to firmly grab a heavy glass bottle, carry it, raise it on a height of over 50cm, open it and pour it without making a mess. Lots of hours went into perfecting the structure to be as light, compact yet as strong as possible. Of course, controlling the BeerBot was another challenge altogether and it required a lot of broken bottles and spills to get it right.

Did you ever experiment with other bricks/toys, or it was just LEGO®?

I did experiment with a bit with Meccano but soon gave up on it due to all the annoying screwing required. LEGO® is simply more elegant, easier to work with and assemble than Meccano. Not to mention plastic is generally more finger-friendly than metal.

Thank you Jerry

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