BuWizz 2.0 Ludicrous

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Easy to install, light, and very fast compared to lego ir. You can customize it in a jiffy, changes controlles from sliders to on off or joystick very easy too. It does what it says it does. The biggest suprise is the weight of the BuWizz, its lighter then a xl motor.

Fam Quintyn-Braekman

Admin , FB LEGO Technic group

The BuWizz brick offers some huge advantages to LEGO’s own Power Functions battery and infrared set-up. With bluetooth control the device can be hidden, it isn’t affected by bright light, and you can control your models with your phone. It also offers some advantages over the previously reviewed SBrick, chiefly that it includes an integrated battery, meaning that you don’t need a LEGO battery pack, only the motors, in order to build a motorised model.

However it’s the huge power advantage is where the BuWizz really comes into its own, as it genuinely opens up possibilities that LEGO’s own system simply isn’t capable of.



Remote control and battery for controlling your LEGO® Trains and Technic models.

BuWizz offers better performance than other solutions on the market:


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    • 12X MORE POWER
      • BuWizz offers 3x more power per each of the 4 output channels, a total of 12x more power.
      • Steer your models smoothly – Servo motor has 15 positions with BuWizz, not just left-centre-right as with PF IR controls.
      • LUDICROUS mode: 3x more power
      • FAST mode: 2x more power
      • NORMAL mode: medium speed
      • SLOW mode: realistic slow motion.
    • Verry LIGHT – under 50 gr
    • AFFORDABLE – when compared to other solutions
    • BUILD TO LAST – High-quality build
    • RANGE –  up and over 60 m
    • CHARGING – Micro USB charger
    • CHANNELS – 4 PF Function motors (or lights)
    • EASY to USE – 4 step installation
    • PROGRAMABLE  – in Mobile App (no Desktop needed)
    • Runs OLD motors – 4,5 v Train motor and Buggy motor
    • BETTER PERFORMANCE – like nothing on the market

    BuWizz brick has 4 ports and comes with accompanying iOS and Android apps.
    BuWizz is LEGO Power functions system compatible and a user friendly product.

    Hi all. I got the chance to test the new #BuWizz 2.0.... I only did a quick test on my half complete 42030 but.....WOOOOOW... that's a huge difference.... especially the Ludricous mode..... well packed and quick installed. Very clear control unit....

    Harm Vd Bovekamp

    Admin , FB LEGO Technic group

    The interface is simple and easy to understand and to connect. The default profiles are easy to use and the Buwizz responds very good to action on the phone. Plus a fast mode for the motor which enable 11V on it (no damage for the motor).

    Therefore, I really encourage you to buy one, this is way better than sbrick. Despite the price, you have the equivalent of a working sbrick with a lipo battery which can be charger by a simple usb type B. So not too much money comparing to lego PFS solutions.


    Prolific Lego Technic Designer, Nico71's Creations


    The unique feature of the BuWizz is as "Fast" mode, which provides a voltage that is higher than any LEGO-battery-based solution. It makes a noticeable difference in motor's performance.


    Prolific LEGO Technic builder

    The BuWizz is smaller and lighter than the Battery Box and delivers more power for longer. Perhaps the best feature is that the BuWizz has a high-power mode that delivers twice the power to the motors, enabling the motors to handle high loads from large builds or driving outdoors. Finally, you can drive your Lego vehicles on the grass or up slight inclines without having to worry if the motors can take it.

    Avery Thompson

    Popular Mechanics


    BuWizz works almost out of the box. BuWizz app has simple and intuitive graphical setup. It is suitable for children and adults.