What BuWizz offers?

Performance, quality, precision, size, price, and more…


BuWizz is built for speed and performance. Ludicrous speed mode offers enormous power. Enough to propel your brick car to speeds over 42 km/h, as you can see in RacingBrick’s video:


With built-in battery and power converter, BuWizz offers much more power than other solutions. This means you can move bigger models with ease. Like Sariel’s 5,7 kg tank:


BuWizz Bluetooth technology enables very responsive controls with a range of up-to 60m, depending on the mobile phone. Watch how master Anto does it:


While BuWizz is only 3/4 the size of a Li-Po 8878 battery box, it also replaces two IR receivers (or other control solutions). This gives you more flexibility when building smaller and faster models.


Because BuWizz has all the components in one brick and you can control 4 PF functions with one brick, you will spend less money for the whole remote control car and significantly upgrade performance at the same time.


BuWizz brick is high-quality electronics and Li-Po battery, enclosed in precision made plastic shell, assembled by professional engineers in EU. Battery and shell refurbishing service will enable unlimited service life.

Great UPGRADES are coming

Whether you bought the first BuWizz or just thinking about it right now all the software updates are free for all. 

This is something we plan in 2018: 

  1. Customizable Profiles (2nd version)
  2. New Programming Interface
    • Power curves (allow to limit power/servo positions, simulate crawl, limit motor rotation direction, etc…)
    • Temporal curves (you can adjust power level according to time.)
    • Mixers (for instance, a V-mixer for tracked vehicle steering )
  3. Additional app functions
    1. Statistics window
    2. Measurement of current and voltage data

Some HARDWARE ideas for future: 

  1. Wi-Fi camera module: you would be able to see the picture on the phone, drive the model in FPV (First Person View) mode
  2. RC remote module: control BuWizz with a standard radio RC remote. Tactile feedback and longer range.
  3. GPS module: measure your fast car speed, track the location
  4. Lights module: control several lights
  5. 2 channel expansion module: add option to control two more channels (=motors or lights) with one BuWizz
  6. Speaker module: add sounds to BuWizz!
  7. Control via Bluetooth game controller: allows control of your models via a physical BT controller.
  8. Functional test of each motor output while setting up output profile.
You get MORE for your money

Price comparison:

BuWizz 2.0SBrick+LEGOLEGO
BuWizz – $134Sbrick – $59Li-Po 8878 – $50*
Li-Po 8878 – $50*Li-Po Charge 45517 – $30*
Li-Po Charge 45517 – $30*IR Controller 8885 x2 – $20*
Cable 8886 – $3*IR Receiver V1 8884 x2 – $30*

*all prices are taken from shop.lego.com for the US

Price Comparison for 2 Buggy Motors system

BuWizz 2.0SBrick+LEGOLEGO
BuWizz – $134 2 x SBrick – $59 2 x Li-Po 8878 – $50*
 2 x Li-Po 8878 – $50* Li-Po Charge 45517 – $30*
 Li-Po Charge 45517 – $30* IR Controller 8885 x2 – $20*
 Cable 8886 – $3* IR Receiver V1 8884 x2 – $30*
$134 $254 $130

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What BuWizz offers?

Performance, quality, upgrades, and more…

Customizable profiles

Customizable profiles 
Number of LEGO motors

Planed upgrades

Software and Hardware updates roadmap

BuWizz will last a lifetime. 

Lifetime of FUN

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