When the first LEGO Technic models came out in 1977, the were a great novelty, a sensation. There were four models released in 1977 (plus a motor and supplemental set with new Technic parts):

  • 850: Fork-Lift Truck
  • 851: Tractor
  • 852: Helicopter
  • 853: Car Chassis

I already described how I got the 853 back in ’78 40 years of LEGO Technic article.

Now Jernej (Zerobrick’s LEGO Creations) modified the 853 Car chassis and 852 Helicopter by adding BuWizz (we figured the 850 and 851 are too small to seamlessly add BuWizz).
You can see the results in the video below.

I think it is quite amazing how even 40 years old LEGO bricks are still awesome today and by adding BuWizz we were able to breathe new life into them, especially the 853 Car Chassis, now being able to drive around like never before.

LEGO bricks are really long lasting and we engineered BuWizz to be long lasting too. While we chose the best components for BuWizz, the Li-Ion battery inside BuWizz can degrade with time and we will be offering affordable battery replacement service to make your BuWizz a joy to use for years to come.