We made it, we are shipping the new BuWizz 2.0 with LUDICROUS SPEED mode on time!

We promised to start shipping the new BuWizz 2.0 on December 11 and we did it. Most people who ordered BuWizz in the last month or so will receive them by December 15 (December 18 at the latest).

A huge THANK YOU to everybody involved is in order! You would not believe how many people had to give their best to make this happen, how many days and sleepless nights of working and worrying about every little detail. All of this had to be done:

  • new hardware and firmware design plus software accommodations (including all the discussions, brainstorming, decision making, bench testing & prototyping)
  • beta testing of pre production units, videos and photos
  • web site design and contents
  • marketing strategy, materials and execution
  • design, manufacturing and testing of production tooling
  • logistics and sourcing of all the components (trust me, just getting all electronic components on time is not an easy task!)
  • production, including all preparations, programming & testing
  • packaging and shipping logistics

We obviously have the best people in BuWizz Team. We all pulled together to make the deadline and be able to ship BuWizz 2.0 on time. We built a lot of momentum in the last few months and we will keep going. We were completely focused on producing BuWizz 2.0 on time, so we let other things slip a bit (support, app features,…). Now we will switch focus to other exciting new features. Next on BuWizz roadmap are:

  • App improvements- we will add new controls and profile customization among other features
  • New, surprise features of BuWizz 2.0 – yes, LUDICROUS MODE is a great improvement, but BuWizz 2.0 has more than one Ace up in its sleeves. We will reveal it’s secrets at a later date, so stay tuned for more!

We are still taking orders for BuWizz 2.0 to be delivered before Christmas. The deadline for ordering BuWizz 2.0 with guaranteed delivery before Christmas is Sunday, December 17 24:00 PST, so make sure you order yours on time. You will not be disappointed.


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