BuWizz Camp 2021

Castle Rakičan
Date: 10 – 13th September 2021

BuWizz Camp 2021

International AFOL gathering

We at BuWizz Team are thrilled to invite you to our annual BuWizz Camp, in association with Slovenian LUG. Last year we had 20 guests from 7 European countries.

The event is organised as an AFOL meet-up with Competitions, fun activities and socialising. 

There are 54 beds in the Castle.
If more people sign up, extra beds can be arranged in surrounding apartments and hotels.

Price: 100 €/ person

Price includes:
3 nights and 4 days (Friday, September 10th – Monday, Seštember 13th 2021)
Food: full board –
3 meals per day
Prizes: 2500 €
worth of prizes
5 competitions
Socialisation: Wine tasting, BuWizz Party, Archery…

Come to our event and have FUN with other AFOL’s.

Last year we had guests from 7 countries.

We expect around 40 competitors from: Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Russia…


Check out what we did last year:


The Castle Rakičan is located North Slovenia, near Hungary and Austria.
The mansion, which is first mentioned in 1431 and with many stories told by the locals, also has an equestrian club. This offers the opportunity to explore the mansion’s surroundings through numerous paths led through a magical forest between hundreds of years old black walnut trees and past the chapel and tomb from 1880 – while riding a horse, if so desired.

Otherwise, the former fortress, which defended the gentlemen from the Turkish invasions, has been transformed into a rural mansion, which also houses a research educational center and offers rich content for spending an active holiday for children.

The mansion also offers accommodation, while the restaurant will pamper you with traditional Prekmurje cuisine, while evenings are reserved for various events.

We are certain that you will have lots of FUN and you shouldn’t miss it for anything. 



BuWizz Camp 2021 Competitions

5 events in different categories:

  1. 1:10 Supercars
  2. Unlimited off-road
  3. Amphibious vehicles
  4. Mini racers
  5. Sumo (battle bot competition)
  6. Favourite model

Please book your place ASAP as capacity is limited and interest is high.
It’s going to be awesome. 

BuWizz Camp 2021 Competitions

Don’t have enough BuWizz bricks?
Extra BuWizz bricks will be available for competitors.

1:10 Supercars


1. The model has to be a 1:10 representation of a current or past existing production vehicle (sports car, SUV, etc…).
2. Suspension system is required.
3. Model has to include at a minimum a working 2-speed gearbox.

1st Prize: BuWizz Brick



Wheeled and tracked vehicles are allowed.
Any type and number of Lego motors are allowed for any function.
Working fake engines and steering wheels.
Suspension system is required.
Width of the models is limited to 30 cm.

1st Prize : BuWizz Brick



Wheeled and tracked vehicles are allowed.
Unlimited number of PF and PU motors.
Any kind of water propulsion is allowed.
BuWizz bricks have to be wrapped in sealed bags to protect from water.

1st Prize : BuWizz Brick



Wheeled and tracked vehicles are allowed.
Unlimited number of PF and PU motors.
Model can use any amount of functions such as ramps, spinners, etc…
Weight is limited to 1000 g ± 100 g.
Size is max of 25x25x25 cm at start.

1st Prize : BuWizz Brick

Mini racers


Wheeled and tracked vehicles are allowed.
1 BuWizz and a max 2 PF/PU motors.
Size is limited to a max width of 15 cm, length of 30 cm and height of 15 cm.

1st Prize : BuWizz Brick

Favourite of all


All competing models will be exhibited.
This competition is voting based.
Competitors vote for their mechanically and/or aesthetically favourite model.

1st Prize : BuWizz Brick

ROBuWizz Champion


Scores from all competition are added up to get a overall winner as well as 2nd and 3rd place.

1st Prize: 42129 – Zetros Trial Truck + BuWizz brick

2nd Prize: 42099 X-tream Off Roader +  BuWizz brick

3rd Prize: 42124 Off-Road Buggy + BuWizz Brick


Book your place today

Every FAN biggest dream is to show his MOCs in front of his peers. The best thing about BuWizz Camp is that we will have discussions, Interviews with some of the most famous LEGO builders, like Sariel, racing brick and Desert Eagle all the way from Russia.

We hope that you can come. We promise that we will do everything so you can feel safe.

Castle Rakičan

XIV century castle 

Aditional activities
offered by Castle Rakičan

Horse riding

21 horses in the castle stable
Price: 20€ / hour

Wine tasting

degustation of wine 
Price: 5€ / person


3 different bows
Price: Free

BuWizz Camp 2021

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