When we started the BuWizz project 3 years ago, we made a simple app to control the BuWizz brick. The app was iOS only, developed mainly for testing and demo purposes.
It had many features, but it was not easy to use and intuitive. This was a so-called “engineering version” of the app.

After the successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2016, we did a brainstorming session (like we often do :-)) and we decided, we want to make a visually pleasing and intuitive, easy to use app.
In addition, we wanted the same user experience on both supported platforms (iOS and Android) and we wanted to add many features for advanced users.
Easier said than done… Creating an app, which is simple, easy to use and intuitive yet packs a lot of features takes is a lot of effort. We decided to prioritize features and first offer the basic ones, then add the more advanced ones.
Of course this meant, a lot of the wanted features of the app will be missing in the first releases. Well, we are now adding them.

We just released a new app version (both iOS and Android are available for download) with following features:

  • train control (up to 4 trains, using 4 BuWizz bricks)
  • light on/off switch for each train
  • light on/off switch on car profiles
  • support for Android 8.0


By 1st week of March we will release the following features:

  • Customizable profiles – this is something we are all waiting for! You will be able to choose and add controls at will to each screen!
  • Open source app – source code for building a simple app, which any developer can expand into his/her “dream” app
  • Bluetooth communication protocol – for controlling BuWizz from BLE platform of your choice

Here is a preview of customizable Profiles:


By 1st week of April we will release the following features:

  • Customizable colors & backgrounds – we will add more color schemes (among them a high contrast one) and enable user uploadable backgrounds


In Q2 of 2018 we will add many new exciting features:

  • Tilt steering – steer your fast vehicle by tilting the phone!
  • Power curves – optimize slider & joystick response
  • Different mixers (RC remote control style) – steer your tracked vehicle like a car
  • Quite a few of surprise features, to be announces at a later date


Screenshots of the current app, version 1.3.1.




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