BuWizz team Members gathered in an idyllic setting this June – the stunning nature near Slovenian Alps. Besides all the good food, there was plenty of quality company, exploring nature and competition with BuWizz brick equipped LEGO models. The bravest among us even dived in the very cold stream nearby 🙂



BuWizz Team (partial) – with more members of The Next Generation 🙂


We reviewed our work, the achieved (and missed) goals and discussed new ideas. Each team member shared his or her experiences and ideas for our future story – we had a proper brainstorming session.

The most interesting and exciting part of the gathering was, of course, playing and competing with BuWizz powered LEGO Technic models – something for all, the younger and older members of our team. Especially the kids were excited to have an opportunity for playing with LEGO in the nature. Everyone was able to experience the model’s behavior in water, sloped stony and sandy terrains and the combination of all these. We had a lot of fun and we were immensely satisfied to see how far our project has come. The development for sure went into the right direction and all the hard work and time invested by each and every team member was not in vain. There is always room for improvement, of course – even better performance and a bunch of features, still to be implemented in the software.

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”https://bit.ly/buwizz_team_building_2017″ pex_attr_width=”720″][/pexyoutube]

The idea that use of BuWizz equipped LEGO Technic models would also be very suitable for company team-building or simply fun events also came to mind.

The flow of new ideas was almost faster than the LEGO models, and we are looking forward to our next meeting. We hope that events like this will become a tradition!

Oh, and the results of all the brainstorming? These kept us busy the whole summer. We will have some big announcements soon. Stay tuned for more!