We were proud to have one of the first proper reviews and tests made by the best. These are some of the reviews from BuWizz early period, before the Kickstarter campaign. Sariel was first and we all shared anxiety when we had to wait to publish the massive achievement in the LEGO Remote control system technique development. Basically the featured performance drove the campaign and pushed us into production, the effectiveness and acceptance from fans.

Pawel “Sariel” Kmieć is a LEGO Technic enthusiast from Poland, EU. A technically very powerful blogger and model constructor, famous also for helping out the LEGO company in developing some of its products. Sariel is an acting LEGO Ambassador and an official reviewer of LEGO sets, which he showcases at his popular YouTube channel – Sariel’s LEGO® Workshop along with his own creations.

His models have been praised by historians and military experts and his articles are used as reference by the University of Cambridge’s engineering department. Check out his models and more at https://sariel.pl/

So if everyone agrees, we would like to give Sariel back a crowdfunding favour. We are very grateful to Sariel for sparing his time and equipment to film this review. It affected our campaign greatly and in return we want to encourage everyone to support his LEGO HAMSTER SUBMISSION

With 10,000 supporters, this awesome hamster could become the next lego sensation!


Thanks Paul, was great having you on the team for the campaign!



The Buwizz Team