We have been a bit quiet lately, but we have been very busy. We are doing a major overhaul of BuWizz app, we are adding several new features, and this is taking quite a lot of effort. Also, we are working on BuWizz add-on modules, which will connect to the 6-pin white expansion connector.

 BuWizz App – already released updates

  • Customizable Profiles (1st version) – you can customize control screens by freely placing 6 different types of controls on the screen
  • High-contrast Controls (1st version) – all controls have fixed color bright color rings for better contrast

BuWizz app enhancement ideas

  • Customizable Profiles (2nd version) –
    • we will add new control types and labels
    • option to rotate controls
    • option to save profiles
    • option to name profiles
    • option to share profiles with other users
  • High-contrast Controls (2nd version) – colors will be customizable
  • Custom background: option to change background color or choose pictures as background
  • High contrast default buttons: for better visibility, especially when outdoors
  • Save-able profiles with preview: allow you to set up and save multiple profiles and see preview for each. Improves user experience and reduces the need to set up profiles every time you switch the model.
  • Customizable rotation and size of buttons: this way you can make larger control buttons for more important functions and the opposite.
  • Custom controls and background graphics: you will be able to use any kind of custom transparent image for buttons, sliders and background


New Programming Interface

We are working on this now, alpha version is in testing phase, beta version is coming in July. You will be able to insert functions between inputs and outputs (i.e. mixers, delays, sequential motion, power curves,…).

This is how the programming screen looks in alfa version:

Programming interface will have following function modules:

  • Power curves: already implemented, allow to limit power/servo positions, simulate crawl, limit motor rotation direction, etc… Suggest adding a grid option to the power curves, so you can set up same characteristics to multiple output.
  • Temporal curves: these would be similar to power curve, but instead of adjusting the power according to the command input level, we are adjusting power level according to time.
    Depending on the allocated points, we could generate square characteristics for the lights blinking or temporal curves for soft motor starts or acceleration simulations for trains
  • Mixers: for instance, a V-mixer for tracked vehicle steering (i.e. LEGO 42065)
  • Advanced control modules: like Software differential steering. Inputs are steering and power command. Outputs are steering and two motor outputs. According to the differential factor, or power curve the difference between motors at maximum steering commands can be set between 0% (meaning same speed) to 100% (meaning motors spin in opposite direction)

Additional app functions

  • Statistics window: showing selectable option for voltage, current and/or power levels. Could be set up to display levels in a custom time interval. Would allow for awesome performance analysis.
  • Measurement of current and voltage data: low battery protection and current measurement for statistical purposes.
    Can be used to calculate total power being drained from BuWizz.


Hardware add-on modules ideas

  • Wi-Fi camera module: you would be able to see the picture on the phone, drive the model in FPV (First Person View) mode
  • RC remote module: control BuWizz with a standard radio RC remote. Tactile feedback and longer range.
  • GPS module: measure your fast car speed, track the location
  • Lights module: control several lights
  • 2 channel expansion module: add option to control two more channels (=motors or lights) with one BuWizz
  • Speaker module: add sounds to BuWizz!
  • Control via Bluetooth game controller: allows control of your models via a physical BT controller.
    Allows for more precise and accurate control, especially with fast models
  • Functional test of each motor output while setting up output profile.
    This way you can test if you chose the correct motor on your model

As you can see, a lot is going on behind the scenes at BuWizz. We have a lot of enhancements planned and we will need your help prioritizing them. We will create a poll so you can give us feedback about which features you want first.