You have told every story to all your family members, looked at all the possible Netflix series that you didn’t have time for before, and your head hurts from Googling about symptoms and preventing Coronavirus. And what now?!
Well, models made from LEGO and powered by BuWizz can certainly help kill boredom, develop creativity and competitive spirit.
We have prepared 3 basic games for you, and we believe they will help you to pass the time in a fun and creative way.

Race: Become the head of the family
Better first in the house than second in the world! ?
Move aside the carpet and small furniture from the living room, create a makeshift racetrack and start the party. You can also use plain self-adhesive crepe tape left over after the renovation of the apartment.
If you have multiple LEGO® models, then you can also create a real race where the one who arrives at the finish line first wins.
If you have only one LEGO® model, then each family member can drive it, and measure everybody’s time.
The winner takes it all …. ?

Who is the fastest does not mean that he is the strongest
If you lost in the classic race, here’s a chance at a rematch.

Create a new track (or use the same), put cardboard or firmer textiles on it, and the competition can begin. The first criterion is to cross all obstacles and the second is to do it faster than the rest of the household.
Spice up the competition so that the winner enjoys the armchair for the rest of the day, while the others have to clean the apartment. ?

Like to win
Put on your LEGO® model the BuWIzz WiFi Livestream Camera (Or just hook up your mobile phone and set to record), take a tour through a specific room or the whole apartment and upload the recording to social networks. Whoever collects the most likes in a given period of time wins.
The winner can lay down and enjoy the whole day while others do what he says. ?

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