You probably know what we are going to present as the best gift- LEGOs.
There is a lot of reasons why and they all come throw personal experience.
I was a LEGO fan from a young age and I still am.
The reasons why LEGO is the best:
1. They are fun – fun to assemble, fun to play with your friends and fun to create new creations
2. They make you think – learning throw playing is the most important value of LEGO. Learn to create, learn to plan ahead, learn patience, learn organizational skills, etc.
3. LEGOs are for all ages – I still have my first LEGO technic toy. And my son is playing with it. He even says it is more fun than the new models.
4. It makes family play time more fun.

Yes, they are more expensive than other similar toys. But, no other toy has all the benefits of LEGO:
1. Emotional value – how I felt and how grateful was to my parents
2. Memory – of that moment when I got it in my hand
3. Learning – I learned organization, planning and
4. FUN – you will have fun over and over again with the same toy.

So believe me when I say: Go and by your loved one a LEGO and assemble it together!


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