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#stayathome contest 

During these times of Worldwide lockdown, we at BuWizz wanted to ease your isolation and motivate you to pick up your BuWizz and LEGO® bricks and have FUN.

We present BuWizz #StayAtHome and #PlayWithBuWizz contest.

Staying at home without the tension of work or school is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

Thinking about what to do while being at home with your BuWizz brick, we gathered some great ideas:


  1. The family prepared a track and competing for fun prizes
  2. Beerbot out of LEGO® can get and pour a beer for you

  3. You can make a robot that flushes your toilet or do some other choirs in the house
  4. You can spy on the family with the BuWizz Camera

  5. There is always good to have a Rumba made of LEGO®

FUN is in the brick. The BuWizz brick.

What you should do?

Share a photo or video, on Instagram or Facebook with you having fun with your LEGO® and BuWizz. Include family members or just show us how you are having fun with BuWizz in isolation. Remember to tag and follow @buwizz_brick on Instagram and @BuWizzBrick on Facebook, because there’s a great prize to be won.

Make sure photos and videos comply with the Government’s rules about coronavirus – staying at home, good hygiene and minimum of 1.5m social distancing, limiting public gatherings and self-isolating if you need to.

Voting will start 1st of May 2020 and end 14th of May 2020


  • Take pictures or videos showing how you are having fun with BuWizz brick.
  • Include family members or/and suggest how others can spend quality time in isolation.
  • If you are self-isolated show us how you are having fun building and playing with BuWizz.
  • Post your photos and videos to Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag #PlayWithBuWizz and #stayathomeideas
  • Post videos and photos after the 1st of May 2020 (00:00 CET).
  • Share and tag your friends
  • The post with the most likes, shares and comments will win.
    • Like: 1 point
    • Share: 2 points
    • Comment: 3 points 


1st prize – BuWizz + 42095 stunt racer

2nd prize – 1 x BuWizz brick

Terms & Conditions:

  • The contest will be conducted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Pictures and videos must be posted on Instagram or Facebook after the 1st of May 2020 00:00 CET and not before this time and date. All pictures and videos that are posted before will be disqualifd.
  • Voting will start from 1st of May 2020 00:00 CET and will last until the 14th of May 2020 23:59 CET
  • Results will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and BuWizz web page.
  • BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.) will have the full right to use photos and videos taken for this contest.
  • BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.) cannot be held liable for any unexpected or unforeseen circumstances or accidents.
  • BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.) will manage the campaign, verify the votes, select the winner, and manage the rights and usage of photos and videos.
  • The winner will be announced 1 week after the contest ends.
  • If any disputes arise in connection with the identity of a participant a decision will be made in favor of the owner of the Facebook /Instagram account that was used to participate.
  • If the winner has transmitted incorrect information, making further contact with the winner impossible, the winner will forfeit all and any prize won.
  • Participation using lottery/competition associations or automated services is not permitted.
  • Each respondent can share only one entry for the contest. The respondent agrees to provide information to BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.).
  • The prize cannot be assigned, paid out in cash or substituted.
  • BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.) reserves the right as it deems necessary to change, supplement, add provisions or delete such provisions in connection with these terms and conditions of use.
  • This contest is not open to the employees working at BuWizz (Fortronik d.o.o.) or for its partners/agencies

Go get your BuWizz and lets have some FUN. 


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